With a team of seasoned consultants, SN1 brings together decades of collective experience across various facets of the sports and media industry, as well as private equity investments. Our firm offers invaluable advice on investments related to media rights, M&A within the sports and media domain, and formulates revenue-generating strategies based on robust data, tailored to the diverse European media markets.
Our guiding principle is simple yet profound: "WE LET OUR CLIENTS TO SHINE."


The professional sports market represents a robust $260 billion industry, exemplified by entities such as the NFL, NBA, and the Premier League, with a remarkable growth rate of approximately 6-8% CAGR. This growth is fueled by the presence of cash-generating, predictable, and recurring revenue streams, exemplified by a substantial increase of more than 65% in media rights revenue and a remarkable 40% uptick in commercial revenue for the top 32 European football clubs during the period spanning 2016 to 2020. Furthermore, this industry exhibits new avenues of growth. Sports, as an asset class, demonstrates minimal correlation with valuation downturns during economic recessions, thus presenting an appealing opportunity for portfolio diversification in the current climate characterized by rising interest rates and inflation.
Our firm has been providing counsel to various private equity firms with regard to their investments in the sports and media sector. We possess a deep understanding of the nuances and intricacies of the sports and media industry. Leveraging our wealth of experience and a proven track record, we are well-equipped to comprehend the unique needs of both equity buyers and sellers operating within the realm of sports and media.
Investments in media rights, particularly premium rights, have become exceedingly capital-intensive. The need for effective monetization often necessitates a swift approach. Furthermore, the full digitalization and convergence of media offer multiple avenues for content monetization.
At SN1, we offer comprehensive consultancy services throughout all phases of the investment process, encompassing but not limited to investment assessments, bidding processes, risk mitigation strategies, financial modeling, and legal advisory.
Digital media is ingrained in our DNA. We have been a part of the digital media rights monetization landscape from its inception and have amassed extensive experience and a robust network within the digital realm. Whether it's advertising-funded or subscription-based models, we are well-equipped to provide guidance on the optimal strategy and approach, and we stand ready to assist you in executing your digital strategy.
With OTT emerging as the primary conduit for content consumption worldwide, a significant shift in investment trends has recently transpired, moving from "traditional" pay-TV operators to OTT-exclusive providers. In 2023, streaming service's will spend over 8,5 bn USD on sports rights globally, which represents a 64% increase on 2022.
The global sports content landscape offers a wide array of opportunities, but the competition for budgets has never been more intense. In this environment, we are committed to ensuring that you secure your rightful share of investment from the global media markets for your media rights. This, in turn, will enable you to establish a robust revenue stream, ensuring financial stability for your organization or event.
SN1 possesses an in-depth understanding of the media landscape and the intricacies of the agency business, making us your comprehensive 360° partner. Whether you seek to optimize your inventory, develop new products, or require effective packaging strategies, including the management of global tender processes with associated legal advisory, our team of experts at SN1 stands ready to provide sound guidance.

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CEO Sascha Kojic in Interview with OMR on Apple Sports


Volleyball World expands partnership with SN1 Consulting 
Volleyball World has announced an expanded multi-year agreement with SN1 Consulting, under which the Munich-based consultancy will exclusively advise and assist both indoor and beach volleyball media rights sales across select European markets, including Germany.
As a big focus of the expanded partnership, SN1 Consulting and Volleyball World will be working closely together to develop a long-term media strategy to further grow the presence and exposureof major internationalcompetitions in Germany, a historic stronghold of volleyball.
In addition, SN1 will continue to help Volleyball World secure valuable media partnerships with leading media companies across Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.

SN1 Consulting and Volleyball World have been working in partnership on therevampedVolleyballWorldBeach Pro Tour since the start of the 2022 season, which culminated end ofJanuary, delivering the largest reach ever for a beach volleyball competition in the Northern, Central and Eastern European regions.
2023 is already shaping up to be a huge year for international Volleyball. The Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour has already kicked off with the season opening in Doha and a strong schedule including the Beach Volleyball World Championships in Mexico. On the indoor side, this year’s Volleyball Nations League will be the biggest yet, with locations across Asia, Europe and North America all leading to fantastic finals in Dallas (women) and Gdansk (men).
Volleyball World CEO Finn Taylor said:“In working with SN1 we have a dedicated partner who supports our strategy for growing volleyball and expanding the viewership of the sport across key markets including Germany. As we continue to expand the key tournaments and grow volleyball and beach volleyball, we are excited to continue our partnership with a partner who is equally committed.”
SN1 Founder and CEO Sascha Kojic said: “We are very excited to expand our partnership with Volleyball World, as, first, we are big believers in their work at driving growth and innovation in volleyball globally, and second, we are thrilled to use SN1’s expertise, network and know-how to drive bigger and better media partnerships across the markets, in particular Germany, where we see a huge opportunity going forward.”

ORF, the public-service broadcaster, and Servus TV acquired exclusive rights in Austria to FIS World Cup events organised by the Austrian Ski Federation. The five-year deals, announced on 31 May 2021, cover the 2022-23 to 2026-27 period. The agreement covers over 40 FIS World Cup events per year, including Alpine skiing classics in Kitzbuhel and Schladming, ski jumping competitions of the Four Hills Tournament in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen, plus races in Nordic skiing and snowboarding.